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  • TLSeeker posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    @infiniteronin Thanks for your advice. I always tend to isolate myself from others because i think nobody cares. I totally have hard time trusting people.

    • Do you have a mission/goal/dream/purpose in life?

    • I lost it all last month. I thought i could no.longer get up from those miseries. But niw, i think i starting my self again after letting all the things that pull me down go.

      • Oh! I haven’t been receiving notifications for your replies! Glad you’re pulling yourself back together. Be sure to make a strong foundation for yourself. You’ll be unbreakable that way for th challenges ahead. Plus, it’ll help you focus on getting over old pains as you can put your focus and efforts to building and maintaining your new you.

        • Thank you. Your words helped me a.lot. Im starting to focus on myself now, on what makes me happy instead of how others perceive me. I learned how to let go of things that ruin my peaceful mind. Although I still have to work hard to bring back the self confidence and the trust to others that i’ve lost, i feel like im better off this way.

      • Also, if you’d like a more reliable friendly ear, I have better communication platforms. My help is limited but I’ve had success as an advisor for some. I leave that to you, just let me know if you’re interested