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  • TLSeeker posted an update 5 years, 1 month ago

    I am True Love Seeker. I feel like nobody cares about me. Whenever i need someone no one seems to respond. No one seems to care. I am a person that had been giving my all to persons i love but i feel like no one had ever gave the love i always wanted. Everybody tend to leave me. And now im totally alone.

    • Im not seeking for a partner. I actually have one but i cant feel his love but i dont hve any intention to break up with me. Im so depressed with my life

      • If you’re seriously seeking to change your life and its pattern, you’ll need to be accepting that you’ll need to give things up, either bad habits, situations, substances, or types of people you might be addicted to. Remember, you can’t change things by allowing them to remain the same. Sometimes you have to lose to win