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    Men Today!!! Ladies Beware, But Stay Cool.

    When a guy you just met turns the conversations into a sexual One and Increases the Intensity Until it get Uncomfortable. Is it Normal or does he see me ‘Only As For Fun’?

    I deliberated on this and I must say this is happening so often over the Past Two (2) Years that I am beginning to think ‘Men Can’t Have an Agreeable Comversation’.

    If anyone finds themselves in this situation, they could (like me) see the guy as a ‘Perverted Unintelligent Creep’, who is not bright enough to talk to a LADY without turning it into sexual talk.

    When you just meet someone the conversations should in my opinion be Rated G – For General Audience. Discussions your 5 or 6 year old can hear and will not cause them to ask you a Million Questions. If a guy can discuss Sexual Acts OR Sexual Content in front a 5 OR 6 Year Old his mind is warped and not worth knowing anyway.

    For the Future if in this ‘Situation’:

    I would ask him if he is not capable of having conversations about something else. If he is not, he would not be worth spending any more time on and I would never talk to him again.

    Ladies out there, if a guy (one you just met) makes Sexual Comments or tends to steer the conversation to sex or other uncomfortable subjects. Try to ignore the comment or redirect it back to an agreeable subject and if he persists, excuse yourself from the conversation and if your cornered and he persists, be direct tell him your uncomfortable with the subject and if needed tell him he is being rude and even borderline harassing but don’t go straight to accusations he might just be seeing what your views are.

    In my opinion a man should get to know you first before diving into these conversations, that is if he really want to get to know you.

    Be honest about what you are looking for in a partner and don’t accept the statements ‘I was ONLY JOKING’ or ‘I was JUST TESTING YOU’. No Lady needs to hear ‘Slack Jokes’ Or Be Tested by someone they Just Met.