• Thora posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    I feel nostalgia for the times and things that were actually good. As I learned many times over, nostalgia is mostly a liar and it would bring me back to places and people that I realized too late that were not what I remember at all. Never again~ But as I listen to music I can’t help but love to this day and feel total joy, I remember better things.. and it feels good because it wasn’t complicated and my world was full of fun and possibilities. What sucks is I just now realized how much smaller my thinking is and it feels so limited at times. I hope Silas’ mind is infinitely more expansive than mine and remains that way. I’ve been shut down so many times and shut myself down so often that I guess I just figured this is the way it is now. Though I never really lost that spark in my mind, I stopped projecting it to the world.

    I don’t know about you, but I am mostly old fashioned in so many ways. I am not up to date on purpose…I can’t handle it. I remember wanting to grow up so bad and now that I finally made it, here I am, and everyone is so pissed off. I know why, but I want to have fun and stop being so fucking serious all the time.