• I completely agree with everything you’ve just said, however, some are probably not very far away still. There could be plenty of action being taken right now to get those children back and I was just raging about […]

  • Make it stop. Make it fucking stop. Mine and your problems means nothing in the face of a child who is suffering. You are who they are looking to for help. You are their symbol of hope. You are their voice and […]

  • #WhereAreTheChildren

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    I need to be held. I need your spirit to hold mine. I want to hear your words cuddle the feminine within me.. softly, slowly, and poetic. Whisper to me. Make me smile and laugh and devour my kisses. Take my heart in your hands and know that you hold the treasure. Want me, that way.

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    When I am somewhere I cannot thrive, I go inside. Into me. My mind. There, it is beautiful. This is the introvert’s world. I’m living in my mind. Since I’ve learned more about the body and energy work in school, I’ve been re-introduced to living in my body as a wholesome unit. I’m working on that part~

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    I feel nostalgia for the times and things that were actually good. As I learned many times over, nostalgia is mostly a liar and it would bring me back to places and people that I realized too late that were not what I remember at all. Never again~ But as I listen to music I can’t help but love to this day and feel total joy, I remember better…[Read more]

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  • Can’t you feel that I want more? Of everything! Deeply, I crave to walk through the complex esoteric world, but also the tangible, simple world. I want to taste each element and stop and smell the flowers and stay […]

  • Thank you~

  • What I can’t stand is that you won’t accept my friendship as it is

    It was either all of me or nothing at all

    It was my hand or face the sting of the Scorpion

    All of those years you were there, all of […]

  • You’re wild heart, wild fire, wild horses, wild flowers, all come rushing into me

    Kicking up dust behind you, galloping into my being


    Sweat, heaving oneness

    You see me, […]

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    Do you look West, too?





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    Thank you~

  • You can rip me open and I’ll bleed for you
    If it would make you smile
    If it would make you see me
    I’ll scream your name in pleasure
    When you share your light with me
    I cannot contain the music my heart sings […]

  • What a drear friend you are
    Your light shines with my Love in your heart
    Your compassionate and profound passion is earth shattering, quaking my heart with rhythmic breathtaking beats
    Takes me so high, it will […]

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  • I visualize my grounding technique as roots planting deeply into the earth, as soon as I put my foot on the ground. I visualize a blue sky with bright white clouds making a funnel down into the top of my head. […]

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  • I want to say how much this breaks my heart and NO human being should ever be subjected to such treatment, but I want to say MORE than that.. how I believe you can find a way to turn it all around for you. Being […]

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