• I have no idea what I am about to say. I’ve started typing in the hope something intelligible will result. (“Profound” or “wise” or “enriching” will have to await another day!) has started to lo […]

    • Great to be here isn’t it? Let’s try and build our virtual family this up and coming new year. I think after the past year we have all had, we deserve this. Xx much love xx

    • Well WELCOME BACK who ever you are and glad you decided to actually write something. MANY people keep popping in but just look and don’t write anything. Even it it’s silly nonsense writing (which seems to be the norm lately ☺️) let it rip.
      I may or may not know you under any other name…..I joined Thoughts in 2009. Never was a blogger…..forums were my jam. Been bugging Ben ever since to bring them back 🙃 Until that happens…I just write to fill our days and months of VOID here.
      Glad to see more people here….and very glad to see we may get more to read.

      Again…welcome back/home.

      • Thank you, yes I used to love the forums too , many an evening enjoyed in the fun and games that used to happen. Xx

        • Weren’t they fun? It was fun for silly banter and we didn’t invade someone’s blog who may have wanted to carry on a serious debate. Well…there were serious topics as well on the forums….but there was a place for it all there.

          • Yes, I would like to see the forums come back as well. That was like the party room. Everyone interacting. Yeah keep bugging Ben about the forums. It brought us all together.

    • Welcome back to Thoughts my friend. This place is like a diary that talks back. Much better than a paper diary. There is something deep in it for me, because I find fulfillment in keeping a live diary and to have people care about my feelings. Just write what is on your mind for the day.

  • I was there in the first round, and made some genuine, pleasant connections, and still think fondly of people like Pastor Mike :). Had some interesting discussions, and some heartfelt ones and some challenging ones.

    I decided to rejoin a short while ago, but no idea what I might write about and I have yet to make my first new post.

    I hope to…[Read more]

  • I was around back in the day. Fond (and not so fond!) memories of a few “characters”… Every few months I’ve checked to see if anything interesting happening after it shut down. And finally – something interesting is happening! I now need to discover if I have anything interesting to say 😶

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