• they both are different and unique ,do have variable principlesno one of them are either right or wrongstill have made distance between them so longthey do care and love a lotpeople call them divided for money […]

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  • we cant control the situations around us .you just did what you thought was best for your own and others you did it for your very own not for others and you don’t really need others when you have yourself and don’t get disturbed by the things that doesn’t really matters to you coz what matters the most is YOU! have a great and happy life.…

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    there is always a thing to learn form your own experiences may it be bad or good one. most of our behavior comes from our surrounding but at the end its always you who decides what you are and what you wanna be the questions you have does really matters to you ? the best thing we can now do is to make peace with yourself and weak are the ones who…[Read more]

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    the point is not to believe or not to believe in god but considering the great impact of believing god seems more beneficial for us humans coz psychologically if something happen in our life we’ll have someone to put the half blame of it may it be a fortunate or unfortunate incident basically what I am trying to say is it helps most of us humans…[Read more]

  • basically its not bit practical to say but if it was possible i would have killed myself coz our identity itself is by our soul also there may be chances of getting a new life with same soul xD

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