• We did the robotic pleasantries of having a platonic overnight guest; an offered glass of water, an awkward fluffing of sheets and instructions for sleeping, taking turns brushing teeth. And then there was the […]

    • its a weird kind of madness that leads us down these head-shaking paths. I love this. Its raw and real and says everything about what we all live through, thanks!

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    Jen’s wedding day was approaching, and while we hadn’t been the kind of friends over the last fifteen years that we had been in elementary school, we reconnected at a mutual friend’s stag and doe, and she had e […]

  • I told him I loved him only once in my life.

    I felt it the first time, in the sweltering heat of mid-summer. Sitting curled up on a towel because the wooden planks of the dock were too hot to touch and […]

  • I had spent too many emotionally draining hours with my siblings, ransacking our childhood home as our mom prepared to finally sell it, and finally let go of all that happened here. I’d rather be anywhere else […]

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