• Southernbelle posted an update 4 years, 11 months ago

    I have 2 questions: Is there anyplace on here where you can put graphics? When I had I would record graphics on the My Profile area. It is Halloween time and I would love to record some cute Halloween graphics. If that is not possible. I may spend most of my time at this other site where this is possible.
    My other question is how do we know if anyone has responded to our blog with a comment.
    I thank you for all of your help.
    I really want to like this site…but it may not be possible for me to spend too much time on here.

    • I think the only place you would be able to put graphics would be in a post you started or possibly in your profile pictures. As far as I know this site isn’t set up like Thoughts where we could add graphics to almost everything. I will keep trying and if I find out we can I will let you know.