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  • “I need you to pull some weeds out of the garden. I can’t keep up anymore,” Helen lays the sentence out in the air as a simple statement but it floats in the air bouncing off all the baggage in the air float […]

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  • I can do the trip in my sleep to Union Hospital and the doctors’ offices there.  I know many of the nurses and receptionists.  I get the pitiful smile from most of them and the short phrases “how’s she doing […]

  • Months have passed since the walk around the block with Helen’s family.  Most days home feels like we live in a morgue with Helen, Ashton, and me as the caretakers and inmates.  Alternatively,  I feel like we a […]

  • We don’t meet people by accident.  They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

    1.1 Robert: Pushing Back the Wind (from “The Merging”)

    When I was a teenager, my dad, a heavy smoker, had several heart att […]

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    I am going to change the way I am posting the novel “The Merging”. I am going to post a single chapter at a time with a new numbering of the chapters. I notice that comments made under activities can not be edited after they are submitted. Stories can be edited, but the latest stories show up at the bottom of the stories section, not the top?…[Read more]

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    I am learning to use phone to make and entry and then see if I can come back and edit post. Basics.

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    Tuesday night. Wow, this place reminds me of a job I had in a morgue while I was in college. I spent the night there, sleeping with the bodies, so no one could come in and cause mischief. I got a few crank phone calls, but nothing ever happened except for occasional fear in my head when I thought I heard something. But, best I could tell…[Read more]

    • Jules replied 1 year ago

      I told you it was quiet.

      • that you did Jules. Is it this quiet in your world outside of this quiet inner world?

        • Jules replied 1 year ago

          I would have to say yes. . .very quiet. Mainly due to isolation during this awful pandemic, but every now and then I reach for the amplifier and turn the knob up just to let others know I am still alive.

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    Tuesday morning. Trying to figure out the day’s priorities. What’s important, what I should do, what I want to do, and in general, what matters. What left undone affects my future the most; what can I do now that will improve my future or even the world.

    How do I avoid just doing what I always do, falling into a rut? I can employ my usual str…[Read more]

  • Looking forward to Barbeque tomorrow. Very liberal group. Four committed couples coming. All well educated, liberal, and very kind and generous people. None of them would consider it inappropriate to ask […]

  • This book is in the serious editing and rewriting phase… I am not sure how to best present it on this site so I am going to try several ways simultaneously and see which way results in more […]

    • You mentioned writing a novel, but is this in actual fact an autobiography or just loosely based on fact?

      • It is a fictionalized account of what happened …. much of it occurs here on ten to twelve years ago … names have been changed to protect the guilty …

      • I am not sure it is worth continuing if there is no one here to read it … its as quiet as a morgue here.

        • Jules replied 1 year ago

          When I write stories and post them in here, if I get just one reader then it makes it all worth while. And a note on commenting: because no one has left a comment on your story is not evidence that no one is reading it.

          • thank you Jules … is there a notice when I add a chapter to the story? Benventure said much the same as you just said.

            • Jules replied 1 year ago

              Thoughts has no notification system in place to tell members of new content as such. All new content can be seen in the ‘Activity’ section – this will include, blogs, updates, group entries, etc, and comments members have left on the aforementioned content. And of course, when submitting a blog post, it will automatically appear on the main blog page.

              Hope this clarifies things for you.

              • I added chapters to the story this afternoon and I notice that it did not show up in the activity log …

                • Jules replied 1 year ago

                  I think you added the chapters to an existing post, not a new post. This will not be updated in the Activity section simply because it is an ‘EDIT’ of an already existing post. In order for new chapters to appear my advice would be to post them as ‘new’ posts – not additions. So in your case when you update the story – New post/Title/Chapter number.

                  You can post more than one chapter in the same post, but do it there and then rather than wait a few days, if you do then the same problem will present itself – it will not show up in Activity.

    • there are bodies and cadavers and hopes and and dreams alike. There are we here, the treetop shadows, the winds and whispers that hope you continue, that live for story. Don’t fall prey to the age of celebrity, there are plenty here, some a little more verbose than others

    • Benventure, wow, the way you write is very interesting … you should be writing a novel, I love your style. I also appreciate the encouragement. I will edit and post the next chapter today (or I will try). Most of the book is written, but I am using the posting here to clean it up …

      When you have a chance, tell me about your name “Benventure” … is there a story involved?

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