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  • Ok, gonna try this again, while my dinner is cooking. Yes, in my part of the world it’s dinner time, or perhaps I am just eating later than everyone else, which is quite possibly what i am doing…lol Got […]

    • Jules replied 1 year ago

      I would have been tempted to cut the rope on the tethered balloon and to hell with it. . .I’m going up, up, and away!

      Now. . .how did that song go?

      • love iit..wanted to myself. ah maybe someday.
        “wouldn’t you like to ride in my beautiful balloon”

        • Jules replied 1 year ago

          I can tell from your comment that you know that song too. How old is that song? I can remember hearing it on the radio when I was a child. Where’s ma walking stick!!!

    • Jules replied 1 year ago

      Yes. . .there it is.

  • Dincali posted an update 1 year ago

    AND that is why I’m gone~This site, or my computer ate it AGAIN!!!!

    • Jules replied 1 year ago

      Hi Dincali. The site is running normally so any ‘eating’ must be down to your laptop malfunction.

  • Dincali posted an update 1 year ago

    Well…hello there. i may, or may not be back..depends on this damn laptop and the way it eats up all my work…lol

  • So far it’s been one month and 3 days since I quit drinking. I am starting to lose the urges to drink. I’ve been talking with friends mainly. I honestly enjoy talking to more people, so if you see this post and […]

  • So today is like my 31st day being sober from everything. Alcohol and marijuana.

    I used to smoke all the time when the pandemic first started, and it was too much. I ended up quitting, just to lower my […]

    • Thankfully I was never much of a drinker – I didn’t like the effects alcohol had on my mind and body. I actually stopped drinking altogether many years ago and have not returned to it.

      I’m sure that if your liver could speak, then it would thank you for your recent sobriety.

    • 👍

  • I have decided to call work and quit tomorrow. It’s not worth it being bullied all the time and hearing transphobic and racist jokes. I have decided to just move on from this negative situation, and try to look […]

    • Good luck with your job. Rise above the shallow people. They are but stepping stones on your journey. Have you tried earning through writing? There are numerous places you can try writing for online.

      • Thank you. I have not tried earning through writing, but maybe I could? I don’t exactly know if my writing is good enough however.

    • Have you seen some of the writing out there? The bar has been lowered so far down it’s like a doorstep now. You wont know until you try. Dont think about it, just write and submit. Even if you do get some rejections, and you may in the early stages, once you start you are only developing and growing your ‘writing muscle’ and experience. Plus, you have all of us ‘thoughtsters’ here who have your back! 🙂

  • So this blog was supposed to be about silly customers and light hearted stories. Instead I am here to vent about something else. Today at work, I left because of a nervous breakdown where I was shaking and could […]

  • So life has changed a lot, but not a lot at the same time. For the longest time, I had trouble holding down a job. I also got diagnosed with bi polar disorder and PTSD. I have been out of work since January of […]

    • Hi Becky, and welcome back again.

      We love a good read, so write away!

    • Looking forward to reading whatever you care to share. Writing is a drug, better than Facebook and social media and remember, every word you write and post makes you a Published Author!! Congratulations – you are now a Writer! Add that to your resume. 🙂

      • Thank you! That is a good way of looking at it 🙂 and I agree writing can certainly be addictive.

    • Just be careful. With the way social media can be, saying the wrong things about work, whether regarding employees or customers, can get one fired.

  • So my name is Rebecca… and I am back on thoughts. I haven’t been on here in awhile and I was just able to start my new password and log in. This blog will become an anecdote place for me about my job. I […]

  • Being a mom is no easy job. You care for them from the time their little and on into adulthood. Being a mom never stops. I came here today to write because as a mom going through a difficult time with one of my […]

    • {{{{💜Monica&Family 💜}}}}

      You are so right about how our caring and worries as mothers never end. But we do look forward to the day when we can sit back and see that our children are on a good path and we can put some of those worries aside. Well….we THINK those days will come.
      I am sorry you are going through something with one of your children.

      My advice would be…..and knowing someone like you most likely doesn’t need it…..but I would tell anyone…double up on the love. Give that child more of your love in this moment because they need it more. Assure them you will always be there anytime they need you. Sometimes they need to go through things on their own. Respect their process and again….let them know they are loved and needed. Throw in those extra long hugs too.
      I know I wanted to wrap my arms around my sons and protect them forever from all hurts that are out there in this world.

      If you need an ear…..I am here.

      Sending prayers 🙏🏼

      • Monica thank you. All great advice. Perhaps I love my kids to much and will always want to try and protect them even though I know I can’t.

        • You can never love your children too much. I start my days with prayers …which 99% are all for my sons. AND….through out the day I send positive energy to them. Of course they don’t know this…..but I will do this most likely forever 💜
          Our children hurt….we hurt. And depending on their age….and if there is or was anything I was able to do for them…I did it and will do. There is no set end date for that.
          Stay strong.

    • What’s the story in your mind when you are experiencing the constant ache?

      • Right now I’m just taking it one day at a time, one breath at a time if need be. Its tough worrying about your children.

    • I have spent a lot of the past few decades worrying about my children … 3 of the 5 are doing well; 1 is trying and making progress … 1 is really struggling. I am trying to learn to chill out and just be supportive and listen and not take on all of the stresses that their lives could generate in me. So, I understand at least some of what you are going through.


      P.S. CrashingAngel is a pretty cool name.

  • So it is done. I have officialy completed my bachelor’s in communications and psychology. Woot!

  • Sad was September 13th. The day my father died. He fought long and hard for the last couple years. I am still in disbelief he won’t be sitting around the bon fire, or coming over for Christmas or too see my […]

  • monicaspeaks commented on the post, Silence 3 years, 2 months ago

    I wish I had the time to write like I used to. I hope you can find the time it’s so refreshing for the soul.

  • monicaspeaks commented on the post, Silence 3 years, 2 months ago

    Hey girl hey, miss reading your posts.
    This was beautiful and from the heart.

  • I still think of you sometimes, your eyes, your smile. Honestly, I’m still obsessed with you. I’m obsessed with the days when I could easily be obsessed with you. I want to bathe in your s….

    Ha, it’s just […]

  • LOL. Never say never 😉

  • Are you implying I KNOW who those characters are????

  • The concert was great. Worth “losing” my car…lol
    That whole night was very memorable 🙂

  • Dincali commented on the post, Question 3 years, 4 months ago

    Got it. Found it. Talked it out..posted it just now.
    Thank you 🙂

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