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  • Smitty45 replied to the topic After you die, your brain knows your dead… in the forum Discussion 3 years, 3 months ago

    While my dad was dying he had no brain activity,,, none,, zero,,,, BUT, his heart still beat’d and after taking him off of oxygen he took his own breaths for 6 days. No brain activity other than the part that keeps the heart in rythm, lungs taking in oxygen and hooked up to a bag, pissing every day and night like anyone else. He had a DNR order He had Alzheimer’s and had a catastrophic brain bleed which pressed what was left of his brain to one side of his skull. He was technically brain dead by the time the ambulence got to the hospital from the nursing home. But his vitals still worked.. made no scents to me, but what did I know,,, I wasn’t then and am not now a DR. Was told in the ER that my dad had hours to maybe 24 hours.

    The hospital put dad in a room with an attached family room were family could sleep and take turns throughout the day and night to keep dad company hoping he could hear us. 5 complete days of that,,, then on the 6th day two of my 3 sisters and I gathered around dad as he took his last breaths.

    I have questions that will never be answered. Like,,, how did the mark get on his forehead. July 3rd 2013 when I saw dad last there was no mark,,, July 5th when I met at the ER there was a mark… Was explained it was from the oxygen mask,, the kind the covers nose and mouth. ah,, no. The mask when I saw it on dad did not go up to his forehead.

    I stopped the IV med for the blood infection,,,, was told he had no brain activity,, and IF they did the sugury there was only a 15% chance it would be successful, but the odds greater he wouldn;t made it off the operating table and IF he did he would not the same man we remember. And I know dad would NOT want that. So, the DNR took precedence. No meds, no IV for fluids, nor no food tube. Just a morphine drip incase he was in any pain. He was unresponsive the entire 6 days.

    The reason I made the medical dissisions was do to that I was chosen by dad in writing, signed and witnessed and on file. I did discuss with my mother and sisters about the stopping of the IV med for the blood infection. He was going die soon anyways,,, right?

    The simple fact,, the ER DR had no right telling us dad only had hours to maybe 24 hours. Maybe for others they died easy,,, but dad had a very strong constitution. Must be it runs deeper than what a machine that picks up brain waves or the lack there of can detect.

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