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  • Well, here we go! My first blog! So take it easy on me…lol I believe my depression started around the age of 13/14. We were in a rough living situation. That’s a whole nother beast! I can look back and see […]

    • It’s kind of hard to say anything because Depression is a Diagnosed condition by educated professionals. So it becomes so touchy to say anything.

      But I will say…we can not let our past define us. You were young and had the cards stacked against you. I think I read somewhere that “you” today…..should have a conversation with young you. In your mind….sit with young “you” and talk with her and hug her.
      Also….do you have a belief system?

  • Yesterday, 9-1, was a rough day for my anxiety. I live with my son and his family, due to the fact that the boyfriend left and my finances were drained due to no financial help, anyways the day started off good. Then it happened. My daughter n law, who has anxiety and is on no meds, lost it. It began over their bills, then escalated from there.…[Read more]

  • sorry its been a few days since I last wrote in my blog. There has been a lot going on in my life the last couple of weeks. Being dumped by an old friend, getting on different single sites to find someone to occupy my time/mind. Tonight is a screaming household. i feel so bad for Kaiden. i know one day the police will be at their door.

  • I’m visiting with family this week. It is a little bit of screaming grandkids, both happy and sad, my grandson is on the spectrum.

  • The tears want to flow. I feel sad that I lost a friend, again. But I guess there is a reason. I am hard on myself today. I live with my youngest son and his family. I have no job, so what can I bring into a relationship other than myself? Is that enough?

  • well it saddens me because we had so much in common and I hope that things would work out. I don’t think he gave us a chance. We hooked up in June. But I we hooked up back inn 2010.

  • Well, as of Friday afternoon, my fwb, broke off our relationship, due to sex issues. He feels we are not compatible. To tell ya the truth, he has a small penis and it was challenging to say the least….lol But it has affected me with my self esteem, anxiety and depression. Why do they keep treating me so badly? Why do I keep getting dumped? I…[Read more]