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  • When you are old, getting drunk does not have the same feeling as it did when young. Harder to find the keyboard and … no more rowdy crazy crap.

    Just slower.

    Like … oh… ok cool.

    I listen to the […]

    • I have diabetes at the young age of 66, so alcohol is something that I need to watch out for. With the political situation, however, I agree that oblivion for a while would be a great relief. 🙂

    • I am on blood thinners and drinking while on them is pure fucking stupid. Never too old to be stupid 😉 But self aware of being so;-) Diabetes is a bitch – had some relatives that have had it. Shudders.

    • No fear of getting drunk on Friday – or any other day for that matter. I haven’t touched alcohol for years – and that comes from someone who used to make their own wine! I don’t miss it at all.

      • Good for you Jules. I was sober a long time (DECADES) and then recently just said fuuuuck it once in a while after I hit 65. Note: “Once in a while” 😉

  • Been gone a long time. Always liked the name of this site. Long ago it seemed teeming with conflicts. Now Maybe I can just settle down and write here.

    It’s changed so much.

    • Hello Scott, and welcome back to thoughts. Yes, settle down and write.

    • Welcome Scott…..Jules and I can add conflict if it will make you feel at home 😉

      • Thanks for the offer dear but I get conflict at work and reading the news. AND if I want to be shit on… one of my 2 birds likes to sit on my shoulder and awwwww man! You had to do it THERE?

        • Ha! Oh how I remember having to deal with conflict in the work place. I not only had to be mother to my sons at home….but go to work and be mother to adults too? And let me tell you….my sons NEVER gave me as much conflict as ALL those adults did at work.
          I always recall sharing stories about work place issues starting with…..I only have to tell my sons once and problem solved. But I come to work and I often have to tell some of my staff a few times and they still don’t get it.
          Which I know was my fault for being a soft boss at times. But they learned quickly not to take advantage of my niceness and NOT to test my patience.

          All right…I shall take it easy on ya 😉

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