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  • I’m sorry you are spending your birthday alone, although I’ve given up celebrating birthdays, I look at them as one year nearer to that old expiry date. Yet I’m fortunate that my wife is here with me for those occasions.
    hell, love could be just around the corner, it can happen! Happy Birthday!

  • There I was sitting watching the idiot box, which was showing Wheel of Fortune, since my wife claimed the remote before I got my hands on it, otherwise we would have been watching one of those old dusters […]

    • 41 years is awesome. My hubs and I will have our 14th anniversary in July. Mine calls me honeyโ€”usually when we are out somewhere and he is frustrated with me and doesnโ€™t want others to know it. Lol.

      • when we are out I usually frustrate my wife. All those stores with the muzak playing, I’ll be dancing around, that’s when she decided she doesn’t know me and walks well ahead of me! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Skip, I love it!!! Never take life too seriously! I am usually more of the goof ball when I get in that kind of mood.

  • oh, you missed out, nothing better than Rice Crispies and beer! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by, and STAY SAFE!

  • Italy has been handling this very good considering the total cases there.

  • So here I sit, having a cold beer for breakfast, actually I’m having beer and Rice Crispies, the new slogan has changed from Snap, Crackle Pop, to Snap, Crackle, Burp. Then, having a beer at 9am on Easter morning […]

    • Great Post! I share your thoughts regarding hoarding. Stores in my area remain bare of needed cleaning supplies and toilet paper. I had Rice Krispies for breakfast also, but with no fresh milk I had them with frozen yogurt and chocolate sauce. Quite yummy! Stay safe and well.

    • I think everyone can relate to the phenomenon of supply hoarding which seems to have taken hold globally. Here in the UK the same thing is happening, supermarkets stripped bare of every essential food item and sanitary cleaning products. My local shops have been bare for weeks now and as soon as they get a fresh supply of stock, a few hours later they are empty once again.

      Certain people have no self discipline of control when panic sets in; the herd mentality takes over and it’s a case of ‘I’m alright Jack.’ When you consider the terrible death toll which has befallen the people of Italy you would think that the same panic would ensue over there. But no, there has been no panic buying whatsoever and food stocks remain in good supply.

      The world should look upon Italy as a model of dignity and self composure that we can all learn by in times of crisis.

    • good for you.. I do the same thing.. my mom.. she lived some hard times as a kid.. we gleaned and stored.. I needed a couple of things the first week but there was no panic buying.. I have actually been able to clean out the over dated things and have a working list for replenishing the stockpile when it comes available.. it’s easy one thing at a time.. I have a friend once that never let her gas tank fall under 3/4 of a tank.. she said it was easier to keep it full that it was to fill it when it was empty..

  • I think we all need a little laugh now and then, especially now.

  • A Legend Falls

    As we look back we are often reminded of those who came before us, and made a difference in our lives. It could be anything, maybe someone who makes us laugh, think, or just quiet reflection. […]

  • How Do You Relieve Panic and Anxiety

    So here we all are in the midst of a global pandemic, people getting sick and many dying, and the tension seems to mount daily. Many of us suffering from panic and […]

    • In general some good things to get onboard with during these dark times. But out of darkness lightness will come, and I started to smile toward the end of your piece when it turned political. My smile turned into a laugh at your humorous tirade. I don’t know if you meant that last part to be funny, but it made me laugh.

    • Some very good ideas that you are sharing in this post. My goal is to talk 10,000 steps per day. That is somewhere between 4 and 5 miles. That has the effect of tiring me out and also giving me physical exercise which helps me feel better and get though the day more easily while I am locked down due to the pandemic.

      There are also some great memes that I find funny as well as movies both on Amazon Prime and on youtube, believe it or not that I enjoy. I have also discovered tubitv which has some interesting stuff.

      And no, the only reason to listen to anything trump says about the medical advice he wants to give, is the humor of realizing that there are people who actually take him seriously and literally on this and other things as well. I decided a long time ago, that if trump suggested, I would know what NOT to try. LOL

    • hey skip! please let me know any suggestions you have. you’ve been around the block long enough to have some great ideas for thoughts i’m sure. i’m just getting started with it again and excited what i’ll do this time around as technology has finally caught up with my vision

  • Alive and well…so far!

  • Hi Ben! How goes the battle? Good I hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • great idea, it’s especially great at this time, since most of us are self imposed prisoners.

  • I have to admit that I was a little more than surprised when I saw that Ben had decided to reformat and revive Thoughts. I’d first believed it was a bad idea, but the more I thought about it, the more the idea […]

    • Welcome back.
      Bringing the Original Thoughts back a bad idea? There is no way it could be a bad idea. We get out of a site what we want. I am grateful Ben brought back a free platform for Bloggers to express themselves and communicate with each other during these trying times.

      Someone is gonna read your blog and have a solution to your toilet paper conundrum…..I just know it.

    • Skip! Hello hello, howdie doodie?

    • I remember you from years back. Glad to read you’re still surviving.

    • Welcome back to Thoughts.

      I’m also a veteran of the old Thoughts and I’m glad that it’s making a comeback. Maybe I’ll actually write stuff again.

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