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  • Skip Online wrote a new post 3 years ago

    That’s right folks, boob sweat and swamp ass season has officially started. The hot weather and humidity is here, and it has arrived with a vengeance! It is that “special time of year” that our air conditioners […]

    • Well, I had never heard the term swamp ass before moving to New Orleans, I don’t think. But it sure does sum it up concisely doesn’t it. And New Orleans is the king when it comes to humidity. There are days, even in the winter, when the humidity rate is like 89 to 90 percent and it feels like water is just hanging in the air. I come in, at times, with my head sopping wet from just walking outside.

      As for trump, he is at it again, and there are some rumors of things he has done that I am checking that make his attack on Joe, and Twitter seem minor, at least to me. Seems like everyday I find myself wanting to ask the question “how low can he go” and every day he proves that however low he has gone thus far, he can get worse…because he does. **sigh**

  • Trump came out today and said he is actually taking this snake oil cure he has been pushing… he’s CRAZY!

  • he’s such a sad little man, he has no scruples at all, he has no class, and if he gets in for another term, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, cause he’ll finish us all off for sure.

  • Skip Online wrote a new post 3 years ago

    As the world slowly turns into a big pile of shit, I have to wonder if there is any way we can possibly unfuck this fuckery going on around us. If the language offends you, stop reading, because at this […]

    • I have a bit of an advantage because i live in a city with some amenities in the way of a company that actually delivers food, and even pet food and stuff. I think they probably add a bit to the price, but not enough to bankrupt me…yet, and I don’t have to leave the house.

      But you are right, I don’t understand where these people get this stuff. I mean have they not ever heard of KISS. With that theory in mind, what are the chances that the millions of people that would have to be involved to keep such a conspiracy going while making sure the news ONLY got out in fly by night, low budget media sources?

      I remember there was a saying once that Nixon took the crime off the street and put it in the White House. (I think it was Nixon after Watergate. Well, that is precisely what I think is going on with trump. Have you noticed how many people he has either fired or quite…or were caught in a scandal of some sort?

      I hope this craziness ends soon, but sometimes I wonder. And yes, I am staying away from people as much as I can. If they want to expose themselves to the virus and die, fine…but I ain’t giving my life for THEIR freedom, thanks very much.

  • I know, we’ve all heard that before, but regardless, it is true. I’d been sitting here in my favorite Walmart shopping clothes, just dreaming of those days I could go out without a hazmet suit and mask, […]

    • Yes, from certain stand points and with hindsight the world is a nut house.

      Should’ve included a certain person who mentioned the use of bleach or disinfectant injected into the body as a possible cure. From a future stand point who would credit that?

    • And the world just keep getting crazier after that. 🙂

  • I’ve been listening to a lot of music from artists from Nova Scotia the last week or so. There was a mass murder there and the community has come together to try and get pass the whole thing. I just finished listening to Sara McLaughlin, and earlier Natalie MacMaster. Plus there are a lot of local musicians playing other famous artists music.

  • I love Honey, bought a large bottle of 6 months ago, and am almost out. Recently I use a tablespoon of it when I make pizza dough, gives the crust a very good flavor.

  • when our boys were young we would often take them to the park, there was a large pond there filled with ducks, and they really enjoyed feeding them, then so did the wife and I. We also would take them camping whenever possible… really miss those old days. and yes, safety is very important, sadly, many don’t play safe the way they should.

  • as true as the above may be, I fell into the trap, got married, and live happily ever after…, no really it’s true, my wife told me!

  • When I was younger, much younger, I had little to no patience at all. I wanted things to happen, and happen immediately. Of course we very seldom get what we want, and those times we do it isn’t always as […]

  • when we are out I usually frustrate my wife. All those stores with the muzak playing, I’ll be dancing around, that’s when she decided she doesn’t know me and walks well ahead of me! 🙂

  • My mom used to shop at a grocery store called the IGA. As a matter of fact, when I was older, I worked there part time bagging groceries, and lugging little old ladies groceries out to their cars, or a taxi. […]

    • That was a fortuitous gift indeed, and a charming story well remembered. My tennis years happened for me after I left school. I discovered that I was pretty good at it, too. I still have my racket in a cupboard somewhere but it hasn’t seen the light of day for many years.

  • Life should cover it, thanks Ben, greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • I was just reading a story about a doctor who was profiled by the police. Had it not been for his wife bringing his ID out, he doesn’t know what would have happened to him. He has been going out among the homeless, testing them, giving them food, and handing out tents for them. I think I read there is somewheres around 560, 000 homeless in the US.

  • there are so many people who put their own happiness and well being for “their children”. I find it completely foolish. If they did leave, they’d find both themselves and their children would be much better off. Well, that neither here nor there, I hope you writing will be the therapy you seek, I know it has helped me over the years. I wish you well.

  • Ben, was wondering if you could add a few categories, Life, Family, Friends, those would come in handy for me, because that’s what I usually write about.

  • There was a time I could say I hated no one, I had a huge dislike for some, but not hate. Trump and his entire family…I hate. I hate them, i hate all they stand for, and all they do. When a man in power, puts the almighty dollar in front of the health and welfare of the country he swore to protect, he’s evil, and he has no morals whatsoever.

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