• I love you,As the sun rises and sets I love you.The world will never accept what we have or who we are,Still, I love you.You make my world a better place just for knowing you,Just by being there.And I love […]

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    Open the door, what do you see?Hollow empty soul.Darkness.Hide from it, hide from yourself.Who am I?Just a figment of your imagination.Shadows dance across the lost and forgotten.Echo.Forever […]

  • Two roads diverge in a yellow wood,or so the story goes.Do the sleeping roads still lay there?The answer no one knows.Are the paths still traveled?the lesser or the more?Or do they lay forgotten?Like waves upon a […]

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    Thanks! 😊

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    Dear Someone,

                 Dear someone out there in the far reaches of my mind. Do you feel as lost and lonely as I do? Do you ever wonder where I am? Why I left you? I wonder nearly every day.


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                   Hello, my name is Lindsey, and I would like to take a moment to properly introduce myself. I am “New” to the site in the sense that I had a account many years ago, but over time I s […]

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      You’ve definitely come full circle. . .welcome back to Thoughts!

    • Welcome back. Like you, I am also just rediscovering this wonderful place. After going ‘off-track’ on a surreal journey through a darker place and time, I was again drawn here by the words flowing through me and the memories of before. I look forward to reading your posts,.

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