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  • Jim Bradley started the topic Thinkr's think in the forum Discussion 6 years ago

    We all think many millions of thoughts about many millions of things. We all think about what we think and about what others think. We all think that some Thinkr’s don’t have good thoughts or the wrong thoughts. we all think, at times, that maybe even we have the wrong thoughts. Some Thinkr’s think too much, some not enough. I was told one time, in a rare moment of clarity that I “think too much” and that’s why I have so many lines on my face!? It could be true and I never thought they were wisdom lines anyway. What if we could tell how much, how deep a Thinkr is, just by looking at their face? Wouldn’t that be cool? It’s said that every thought is like a bubble and becomes part of the group, subconscious mind. Every thought has the potential to impact our physical world, whether it is a positive or negative thought. Think of that as every thought being a single Kilobyte on an infinitely large computer mind. We might never run out of storage space but every thought you think gets stored there, using up space. Wouldn’t it be much better, then, to make it as positive a thought, as often as possible, so that we all work towards a Hard Drive/ Subconscious collective mind heavily weighted towards the positive than towards the lower conscious Ego mind? That’s just the thought this Thinkr has had for today.