Jim Bradley

  • God did not create evil. He only took away it’s power.💋

  • Of course there is still smoke from the northern fires…..but it was so wonderful to be at the beach. I had to zoom in because there were so many Cruise Ships floating out there….

    I absolutely LOVE […]

    • Jules replied 1 year ago

      Oh my! Another one of those pictures that make me want to be somewhere I’m not!

      • Monica replied 1 year ago

        I love those kinds of pictures too.
        Do you remember looking through a ViewFinder? Some were little stories that had beautiful castles….and I always wanted to walk through those scenes. WHICH is impossible because they were created scenes. But some were so amazing.

    • I could live right THERE forever.

    • Monica replied 1 year ago

      I did have a wonderful relaxed time…Thank You.

    • Monica replied 1 year ago


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    I wrote my original ONE LOVE PHILOSOPHY back in 2008. This is my updated 2020 version:

    One Love Philosophy

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