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  • Jim Bradley posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Imagine: A favorite relative gives a kid something absolutely phenomenal that it will take the kid a very long time to appreciate what it is they have… BUT… the ‘parent’ steps in and does not allow the kid to have access to the thing or to discover just how great the thing is…

    God, by whichever name you know him/ her/ it…. has given us an absolutely phenomenal gift, intended to serve us all of our physical life… BUT… Governments, educators, parents and others, have stepped in, from a very early age and told us that we cant have the gift; That it is not real; That it is “only” our imagination… There is SO MUCH we are missing out on in life, because of the actions and beliefs of others. That is, perhaps, one of, if not THE biggest crime against people!