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  • Jim Bradley posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    This is a time of change, of ‘spring cleaning’ on a global scale. Sometimes you need to pause to take stock and get rid of the rubbish you have been hoarding for far too long, to create space for something new and better to enter your life. We need to sweep, polish, wash, dust and mop everywhere to get rid of the grime, the dirt, the negative aspects that have only been dragging you down and holding you back. Of course, some people cling to the old, they don’t want and even fear change, even if it is for the better. This is a time of change. We are living through the approaching demise of the last ‘dinosaurs’. They, and we, all know it is coming, no matter what we do. It will happen. They don’t want to admit that nor accept it. They are fighting, gnashing their teeth and trying to postpone or stop the inevitable. Like a drowning person, they are pushing us down in a vain attempt to save themselves. This IS a time of change. As assuredly as the storm passes over, leaving behind the fresh new smell from the rain and the bright blue sky, this too, shall pass! In it’s wake, we shall step even closer to the true ‘One Love’ way of life. Many people don’t understand it well, since we are all at different places on the path of life, but we are all heading in the same direction. As Spirits in a Physical body. enduring or living this earth bound life, we truly are all the same, returning to the living awareness of that is where we are all headed. I myself wandered off of the path for what seems the longest time, but once the call is heard, you cannot help but return, again and again, no matter how many times we stray. I haven’t said it in the longest time but I have never forgotten the meaning – The divine in me recognizes and acknowledges the divine in you. Namaste my fellow thoughts-ters!