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  • Jim Bradley posted an update 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    I am Scottish, raised in Glasgow, the largest city on the west coast of Scotland. Despite the attempts of liberals to make Glasgow appear something it is not, it has been, is and always shall be a rough, tough, non politically correct working class city. It will never be the pavement cafe/ wine bar. progressive cultural centre that the city fathers want everyone to believe in. In Glasgow, we call it as we see it. We don’t pause to consider if someone may be offended by what we say or do. We certainly don’t deliberately set out to offend but if it happens, we believe that it is the responsibility of the offended to deal with it, rather than expecting the ‘offender’ to restrict, censor and check their speech or beliefs in order to protect those unknown/ unidentified who may, or may not, be offended. That is what makes us the tough people we are. Sarcasm is just a part of the daily interaction and criticism is just water off a ducks back, as they say. We give as good as we get and we take nobody’s nonsense, regardless of who they believe themselves to be. We are not impressed by title, status, money, gender or role. We are very welcoming and friendly people but if you cross us we will be your worst enemy. All of these details are simply to give you a look into who and what we are. There will be more to follow. I hope you enjoy reading it.

    • I’m pretty sure the Big Yin would agree with your sentiments.

      • You know Billy then? I’ve always loved the Big Yin and his work.

        • Yes, I know Billy – not personally you understand, but have been a long term fan of his for years. The guy can tell a yarn or two and be effortlessly funny at the same time. There’s only one Big Yin.

          • Are you Scottish then? I’m being nosy. lol Would love to know more about how you discovered him etc.

            • Actually I am English. I can remember way back in the 70’s when I first saw a performance from Billy, a stand up routine with piles of smut included – it was outrageously funny. Being a musician, I was also a fan of his old group “The Humblebums” which disbanded in 1971. Everyone knew Billy Connolly back then, he was steadily forging his reputation as a unique comedian whose material came mainly from real life, that’s what made him stand out above the rest.