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  • Jim Bradley posted an update 1 year ago

    Everyone has a book within them, they say, and I do believe that. In fact, I believe I have several and have been working on them for far too long, without getting serious enough to look at publication. The one book that I find hardest to write however, is the one that may lay my soul bare, exposed to the world. I don’t care what people think of me really, I never have. Perhaps a result of my upbringing in Glasgow Scotland? It is a book, perhaps a message that needs telling though, yet it is a book, a story, a real non fiction personal experience which may show me up as either being insane and delusional (to non-believers) or on the mark and a truth teller (to believers). Which would YOU choose? If there was something you felt you were drawn to share but which could make you an object of ridicule and derision? I have never shared my experiences in full, only imparted a few hints and clues. And only to those whom I trust implicitly. I am still struggling with the direction I need to take, especially in light of the recent turn of humanity and it’s collective conscious awareness. I will have to see how and where this path leads me. Time shall tell, as they say. What I DO know and will confirm is that Ben Ogden’s “One Love” approach is THE one we should all, MUST all be learning and following now!