• Jim Bradley posted an update 9 months, 4 weeks ago

    My well meaning but misguided parents raised me as a Catholic and in the early days strongly encouraged, nigh enforced my attendance at Sunday mass. I was sent to Catholic school where we were “educated” by (perhaps) well meaning nuns and monks into the Catholic religion. Part of that education/ indoctrination mean that we HAD TO learn and recite the catechism, parrot fashion, and if we did not know it, we received ‘the belt’, administered by those same nuns and monks. I recall one monk whose first ‘order of business’ in class was to lay the leather tawse on the desk for all to see. A visible threat to get it right and do as we were told. With hindsight, I believe now that those monks and nuns will learn their truths anew, not a moment too soon. I bear no real ill will towards the. They were a product of their own indoctrination by previous generations. As time went on, I realized, I had too many questions which the Catholic religion could not answer. I was told, on many occasions, by different people, that we were supposed to ‘just believe’, but I needed more. I began searching then, to find something that worked, that sat right with me. I looked into many paths, religions, beliefs and, finally, decided that ecumenical Spirituality was the closest thing to my own beliefs. My journey has spanned more than forty years now and taken me, symbolically, from shore to shore and even through the past to the present. It is my intention to try and focus on this journey for now and share my journey to whomever would care to read my posts. Namaste friends.