• Jim Bradley posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    After a combination of cancer, old age and dementia, my last remaining brother succumbed and stepped across the veil on the 28th of December. I knew it was coming but it’s never easy. Death is never easy in itself, even although, as a long term front line health care worker, I have seen more deaths than I care to remember. Death is never easy but it seems harder when it is your own flesh and blood than that of a patient. I am glad, for him, that he is not suffering with cancer and dementia anymore and that he is now (I believe) with his wife who had passed several years before him. He loved her and missed her and he only wanted to be with her again. He said so when he was at himself. So now, I am the last remaining brother of our branch of the family. All of my four sisters are still alive too and, at 58, I am the “baby” of the family. It strikes me though that it is just another way that almost everything in (my) life disappears. Many of my aging family have all passed now but I have always been aware that ‘my past’ has been disappearing over the years too. The houses I lived in as a child, the schools I attended, the churches I worshipped at – all gone – victims of this thing called ‘progress’ and ‘redevelopment’. It has even followed me across the pond to America! The two places I first lived with Danielle – one has completely gone, demolished and one has had its exterior changed beyond recognition to what it once was. The first hospital I worked in has undergone a change too, no longer what it used to be. It sure brings home the message that ‘everything changes’ and that despite any changes, ‘life goes on’. All we have left, in the end are our memories of what once was as, no doubt, my late brother knows now.