• Jim Bradley posted an update 2 months ago

    Do you believe in the Spirit world? I do! Since a VERY early age, due to my own experiences. I have had many experiences, many ‘tales to tell’, some of which have been shared by others who can attest to what I’m saying. We all go through periods of doubt and ‘low energy’ but I always find that Spirit brings me back to where I should be. Walking ‘between the worlds’, with a foot in each “side” is an experience in itself but the one thing it confirms to me is that we ARE all from the one source. That ONE LOVE IS real! That even those who may not seem like a ‘nice person’ on the physical side, are completely different on the other side. Someday, I may share some of my tales but for now, given the state of the world and all that’s going on, I just want to say – Hold on to your Spirit, your love, your compassion and seek understanding in this physical world because so much of it IS illusion and what awaits you, us, all of us, on the other side is something much more than mere mortals can comprehend – until we get there of course. Peace and love to you all and – something I haven’t said in such a lonnnggg time – “Namaste!”

    • I knew if I digged long enough I would find something I get. When you know….you know. 🙏🏼