• Jim Bradley posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    I love interacting with nature and being aware of it. Lately, doing some yard work that required the removal of the top layer of sod, I was joined by a little bird. I would dig some and stack the sod then take a break. During this she would swoop down and get worms and grubs to feed her hungry family and boy were they hungry. She was hardly gone til she was back again looking for more. At first she keep her distance but as I dug the earth and took a break, to give her time, I began to talk to her saying, “Ok. its your turn”. As the day went on she realized I wouldn’t hurt her, and she grew braver, hopping down even before I had started to walk away. I sat there watching her work, as she had sat there watching mine and every now and then, she would pause to look and make sure I wasn’t sneaking up on her or anything. It was a minor interaction by some folks standards but I made a friend, of sorts, even for a little while.