• James Bradley posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    I have been refocusing myself in light of recent events. To my surprise, and disappointment, I was sucked into the mob mentality of all the negativity that has been going on and, lost in that tornado of destruction, I lost myself for the longest time. It took too long to realise that the person I was during that time was (is) not “me”! Presumably I had to go through that experience as a learning tool to see that and to come back to my true self, but, I believe, I AM back now. I do feel changed, hopefully for the better, stronger, more aware but that will become apparent later I am sure. Being in that negative state made me blind, like I was drowning in quicksand yet it did not feel ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. it simply ‘was’. With my personal beliefs I can see now that I was never really going to stay in that state for ever and I am glad, so glad, that I am re-emerging from my ‘quicksand’ death. Not to intentionally be a ‘psychic vampire or anything but I am hoping that the positive posts, comments and energy of my fellow Thoughts people will help me get back on to my true path. Thank you all, in advance.