• James Bradley posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Unknown to many, family and friends, I am what they call a sensitive and, as a sensitive, I have lately been increasingly aware of the negative dark energies everywhere. I’m not always so good at identifying when they are infecting me and manifesting through me, but I can still see it with hindsight. This year has not been a good one as everyone knows and I’m sure I have been harder to live with. The good part is that being aware of the energies at work, I am convinced that the good, positive light is going to win over what has taken place. The old fight of good vs evil goes on but, eventually, the negative dissipates and becomes insignificantly less. Darkness is destroyed by one single light. I am looking forward to those days returning. Returning to “my” will help, I’m sure.

    • I remember you writing about a few incidents. I imagine it must feel extra heavy being that you work in the medical field.
      Just the other day I was trying to get gas in a somewhat shady part of town and my instincts were telling me to get out of there. There was so much negative in the air and yet there was almost no one around. I couldn’t get my card to work at the pump so I knew to just leave and go somewhere else. It was very heavy.
      I do ground myself daily and put protection around me. I am sure you already know…the light is within us.
      I hope the family is safe.

      • Glad you listen to your higher self, especially in risky situations like that. I wish more people would listen. I do think sometimes that most people are looking for the light outside of themselves rather than inside. Family are all safe here, thank you. Best wishes to you and yours too.

        • I trust my instincts. I also learned to NOT question it. But of course….once in a blue moon I do and I always kick myself for doing so. So many people these days are in search for that light and you are right about where they look. I am no teacher ( depends on how I am feeling) but I sometimes direct someone this way or that way with a nod 😉

    • I’ll bring cookies to our group gathering 😉

    • Hello my friend. I remember you well. There is always light in the morning. I will walk with you through the dark nights of your soul.