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    Your thoughts resonate with some of us Ben, although we don’t always see how or why, as the author. I’ve been there myself, more times than I care to remember. I get the absurd idea that it’s okay to make my mad ramblings public and then someone sees something in them that I would never have been aware of in a million years, until they tell me…[Read more]

  • His name was… George. That’s how we knew him and the only name he would respond to. He appeared to be one of many possibly alcoholic, down and out’s that frequented the main railway station, checking out the litter bins and garbage cans to see if there was anything worth saving. Perhaps a bit to eat? Or something more valuable to him. Sometimes,…[Read more]

  • I love the reference to the seafaring people and the ocean. My first love, my go-to place, my sanctuary is the ocean. Coming from an Island Nation, the Sea has always been a BIG part of my life, personally and through my ancestral heritage too so this resonates with me. Nice one Ben. You have done it again. As usual, your work never disappoints.

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    My well meaning but misguided parents raised me as a Catholic and in the early days strongly encouraged, nigh enforced my attendance at Sunday mass. I was sent to Catholic school where we were “educated” by (perhaps) well meaning nuns and monks into the Catholic religion. Part of that education/ indoctrination mean that we HAD TO learn and recite…[Read more]

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    I may have said this before (but I’m saying it again anyway, so shoot me! lol) If you have ever read Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, you will know about the little boy who saw the truth amidst all of the lies and illusions. Well, yes, I often feel like that young boy. Like everyone else is seeing something different…[Read more]

  • We all have a body and a mind, strong or not but, more importantly we have a Spirit within. We are NOT that body, that image, that physical representation. It is in Spirit that we experience universal one love. On the physical plane we are victims of Ego, of opinions, of what we call ‘society’. Raise up and we can see beyond and over all…[Read more]

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    Hi to both of you, friends

  • With all the chaos of recent times, I have been estranged from my core, from who I am. It took a long time to get back to me and I needed the help of an online course to guide me in the right direction. I know I’m getting back there. To where I am supposed to be, to who I am. It may take a little time but the journey has begun and I am filled with…[Read more]

  • To everything there is a season, they say, and although I understand and accept that – I still HATE winter. Moreso the older I get. I was never into skiing nor any of the popular winter sports. I was too old by the time snowboarding was invented and, to me, winter only represents bitter cold, shoveling snow and breaking up ice. Yuck! We need rain…[Read more]

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    I yearn for those early days again Rose. I miss them. It was so inspiring and sheer fun just blogging and meeting new people like you. Nice to see you are still around too. I am a more infrequent visitor here now but still writing away. And, just for the record, no I’m still not a car salesman (remember that?) lol

  • Thanks for your post. I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

  • After a combination of cancer, old age and dementia, my last remaining brother succumbed and stepped across the veil on the 28th of December. I knew it was coming but it’s never easy. Death is never easy in itself, even although, as a long term front line health care worker, I have seen more deaths than I care to remember. Death is never easy but…[Read more]

  • I think it’s time. Time to make those changes that have been waiting for me to get off my butt and do what I should have for a long time now. I’m not talking new year resolutions. This has been a long time coming and has more significance than that. More to come later…

  • Sorry it’s a bad start but reading this, what I am reading and seeing is that, although it IS hard, it seems like you need to find your peace IN the situation, where you are at, right now, and then by focusing on your peace within, you will be able to see more clearly where you need to go, to get to where you need to be. By focusing only on the…[Read more]

  • Looks there was much more to that morning walk than meets the eye. Well done on your journey of self discovery.

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    It’s a sobering thought when you realize that you may never do everything you want to do in life. You just dont have the time anymore to read all the books you want to. To write all the stuff that is bursting inside of you, waiting to be told to the world. All those poems, blogs, stories waiting in line for their turn to be committed to the…[Read more]

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    Is it just me then? I am more haunted by the thought that I should be doing so much more. Procrastination aside, I have a trillion and one excuses for my lack of productivity but the thought that I should be doing so much more than I am never leaves.

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    Something to think about, as always Ben. I still like reading your posts.

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    Unfortunately, I have been right there beside many good people who have passed over, for many years. I have worked in front line health and terminal care for (too) many years so I understand where you are coming from. Also, as the “baby” of my family (at 58!) I have lost many loved ones too. It never gets easier but you do reach a better…[Read more]

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