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  • This is for those who don’t like snow. I know, it may seem strange making such a post in the middle of a heatwave summer but those who don’t like snow, know it is coming and perhaps dread the thought of getting up in the morning and seeing that blank whiteness outside which they know they will have to deal with, either by shoveling or using a snow…[Read more]

    • I never drive in snow but I sure make snowmen and snow angels.💋

      • I have tried both. I’m better with snow angels than snow men but my boys like trying. I HATE shoveling snow but I steadfastly refuse to buy a snow blower. I will admit to having tried, on occasion, to ‘write’ my name in the snow (what male hasn’t?) lol but it never worked out. haha

  • Looking forward to reading whatever you care to share. Writing is a drug, better than Facebook and social media and remember, every word you write and post makes you a Published Author!! Congratulations – you are now a Writer! Add that to your resume. 🙂

  • Hi! Looking forward to reading your work.

  • Happy Birthday America(ns). Hope your animals weren’t too traumatized.

  • Thanks for sharing the info. Casinos and gambling intrigue me but I have never been a gambling man myself. I played blackjack – once – and won 5 pounds (UK) that was all. I have only ever won lottery tickets that gave me a free ticket (which always lost) and I did win a pair of tights (pantyhose) at a fair bingo game. That should tell you why I am…[Read more]

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    Thanks Ben. Great to see Thoughts is still here. Best wishes to you and the family, hope you are all doing well.

  • I gave up on Facebook when I couldn’t express my thoughts freely anymore without being banned. I was never a tweeter on twitter and instagram was just too instant for me. I peeked at Parler, glanced at Gab and tried out MeWe but none of these sat well or ‘did it’ for me. Maybe I’m just too old, set in my ways or something to appreciate these…[Read more]

    • Hi Jim! Long time …. Great to see you’re still here 🙂

    • You belong here darling. Thoughts made you famous to me. A famous writer.💋

      • You want me to blush? lol I long for the ‘old thoughts’ and, by extension, the old “me”. So much has changed in so short a time. It is so nice to have some connections – some lovely, brilliant connections – to what went before. You, and Ben and the ‘old thoughtsters’, especially those whom I was honored to meet, are my refuge, and always will be.…[Read more]

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    Everything begins, and ends in the mind. Everything. Before anything is created, the thought, the spark, begins in the mind. We can have an active mind, (perhaps over-active?), or we can be brain dead but as long as we give birth to the creations in our mind, as long as we keep giving our experiences, our creations, a little tlc and CPR even, then…[Read more]

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    Nice one. I feel the same. I can’t accept that I am supposed to apologize for being something that other’s have chosen to assign to me, even although I am not what they seem to think.

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    I was told once by a fleeting acquaintance that I think too much which is where the lines on my face come from. I wasn’t offended, she was right on the spot. I DO think too much. Sometimes, it’s a problem, an issue, but it is just who I am. I have what I consider to be an almost unique perception on many things in life. The strange thing is that…[Read more]

  • I’m beginning to feel even more like Jonathan Livingston Seagull (as told by Richard Bach) in this world. On the outside, looking in.

  • I like the image of that ‘Freeway in the mind with no exit’. That speaks to me.

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    Everyone has their path, their niche to follow in life. The trick is in finding which is yours. I’m still searching, more than halfway through.

  • We are diamonds with many sides, many faces. Bright lights in the dark sky. We change as surely as the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon. With each new dawn, we are reborn. Our choice to decide who we are in the coming day.

  • Not to all of us. There are more people than you realise who experience ‘unexplained phenomena’. Don’t try to explain it to others. It is ineffable.

  • It is wonderful when you find a book that you can get ‘lost’ in fir a while.

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    Awesome reveal Ben. I never knew this, why would I? Nice to see that you appreciate that time in your life too. Thanks for sharing.

  • What path are you walking now? What is your mission here? Have you discovered that yet?

  • “Listen Easy, you can hear God calling…”
    Have you heard the call lately? If not, perhaps you are too caught up in this world and the drama of other peoples lives. The call can be heard in silent times, the signs are there if you look and the messages are clear if you open your heart and mind.

    If you listen easy, you can hear God calling..!

  • I love interacting with nature and being aware of it. Lately, doing some yard work that required the removal of the top layer of sod, I was joined by a little bird. I would dig some and stack the sod then take a break. During this she would swoop down and get worms and grubs to feed her hungry family and boy were they hungry. She was hardly gone…[Read more]

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