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  • Robert Roe posted an update in the group Group logo of All About LoveAll About Love 2 years, 1 month ago

    The Merging
    Two people are brought together as they both struggle with tragedy in their lives. The man is coping with the slow death of his wife as cancer takes a part of her each month. Losing his job as caretaker responsibilities make his life impossible and with mountains of medical debt he feels his life has become impossible. The woman, with two children to raise while dealing with abuse by her husband and her own tragic childhood, become friends online. They anonymously share their lives with each other and discover they both enjoy writing erotica. Writing an erotic novel online becomes an escape from the tragedy of their lives and a mutual obsession.
    Their lives become more complicated and intense when they stumble into each other in a coffee shop they both frequently visit. They struggle to keep their fantasy world separate from their real lives. Knowing they can never be together, their fantasy world reaches as far into their real-world as humanly possible without consummating their relationship. The intensity of their desire and its denial merge their beings into a single being with no emotional boundaries in a bizarre love affair.