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  • Rosemary Durkin Snyder "roe" Joined thoughts in 2007 posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    Actually I’m Roe…I still haven’t found the place to write a blog and my pic was incorrectly cropped lol
    If it wasn’t for ColoradaDreamin I wouldn’t even be in here… and I’m not even sure where I am? Exactly?
    I did manage to locate some members names and I’ve tried to friend them but I doubt if anyone knows I’m The Old Roe… I’ll work on fixing that later… but first I got to “head” in the game? Been looking around and I’m completly lost. CD told me to lol for “howdy and my name” I haven’t found it as yet?
    Let’s “face it” I’m still wondering how to post my face? Lol
    Can’t wait to connect with old friends and make some new ones👍