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  • Rosemary Durkin Snyder "roe" Joined thoughts in 2007 posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    whats the difference between a story and a blog?

    • Try the NEW “Web Stories” by Google on thoughts

      • Ok…that didnt work 🥴 I was trying to post a link to Bens page explaining what he intended “Stories” to be. It actually was a separate site that I think he closed already.

        • Jules replied 2 years ago

          The main difference is that the “stories” creation page is intended to produce content for ease of viewing on mobile apps – stories on the go. The blog page is exactly that – to create and post content of the mother site for people to read and comment on. With the stories app one can create mulitple pages with mixed media content to help tell the story.

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