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    Salsa dancing

    Ok, I am the last person you would think would take up salsa dancing, let me paint a picture…….

    Im a 5’6″ 17 stone security guard, who occasionally works the door, I’m a walking beer barrel as one friend describes me, I have 2 left feet, and absoultely no timing,and too look at me you wouldn’t say i’m a dancer, except when I’m at weddings or partys and had a drink or 2 and just about manage the 2 step.

    So about 12 years ago, after living away from home, I moved in with my parents for a few years, to make ends meet, and had absolutely no social life. And as you can imagine the weekends were very boring, but my Dad is a big fan of “strictly come dancing” and got me into it. And it got me thinking, if the people who appear on it can learn to dance, why cant I.

    So I had a look around for clubs and lessons, and found a neighbour did salsa dancing, so went out one evening with her to have a look, I did the beginners class and instantly became hooked. So went back each week, at first I was a little nervous, it was just me walking into a bar, not knowing anyone. But I slowly got to know people, and looking forward to going each week.

    What normally happens is you pay for the class, normally lasts an hour, and you get to hang around for a few hours of “freestyle” dancing where you get to practice your moves. This is normally a good time to get to know people and have a laugh. It was a few weeks before I actually was brave enough to have a dance, one of my mates dragged me on the dance floor, we spent most of the next 5 minutes stepping on each others feet, and kicking each other in the shins, but we enjoyed every second.

    After that I was on the dance floor every chance I could get, practiceing what I learnt in the lessons. At first I had to concentrate on the moves, and I was very uptight. But after a while it started to come natural and I would relax, and the more I did it the more i enjoyed it.

    All the time I was getting to know people and make friends, and occasionally somebody would have a party, or somebody would suggest getting together at the weekend, or going to watch the latest film at the cinema. And I also noticed a diffence