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    Salsa dancing

    Ok, I am the last person you would think would take up salsa dancing, let me paint a picture…….

    Im a 5’6″ 17 stone security guard, who occasionally works the door, I’m a walking beer barrel as one friend describes me, I have 2 left feet, and absoultely no timing,and too look at me you wouldn’t say i’m a dancer, except when…[Read more]

  • Thanks, and add as much as you want!!!

  • I don,t write this for you sympathy, nor you sorrow…….I write this to clear the thoughts in my my head…….and to make sense of the thoughts……and sometimes its just easier to put pen to paper…..About […]

  • Everybody has one, you cant escape it, it happens no matter how hard you try….. Its been one of those days when all my thoughts have been all over the place, my head has been all over the head, or as my friend […]

    • Welcome to THOUGHTS Rhino!
      I know you were just clearing your head….but I have a few comments I want to add so I will get back to this.

      I hope you enjoy your time here.

    • Thanks, and add as much as you want!!!

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    Not sure what to say, got lots going on in my big head, Ill make sense of it then start ranting on here.

    Occasionally its good to have a rant and clear your head, get all your thoughts in order, instead of bottling everything up.
    But I’m a typical bloke and don’t talk, or find it hard too. But when i do eventually talk everything comes spilling…[Read more]

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