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  • Amanda Grandits posted an update in the group Group logo of Writer’s LoungeWriter’s Lounge 3 years, 1 month ago

    I sits down at the table as I bisect my food into large pieces. Who has time to sit and cut it up into tiny pieces, especially after they serve everyone else their food and cut it up?
    I hear the sound of the men around me, chewing noisily as they smack their lips, and then a belch. I wrinkle my nose in disgust, making the crease between my brows grow deeper, how could they bastardize the meal by being so rude?
    I wished that I could just go for a walk and get away so that I could take some pictures of some begonias. Just for a little while, I would love the break.
    Maybe I will take Auggie for a walk, as he blasts off out the door, pulling me down the stairs. I yell his name, in frustration as I fight to stay on my feet. Running faster and faster as I feel the wind hitting my face, dodging the bugs as they attempt to fly into my eyes and ears.
    Move your bippy, I think as the dog I brought with me stops, yet again to reclaim the tree, the pole, the hydrant on the street, or just smell the poop of another dog, as he wonders how a dog could be bold enough to poop in his spot!
    Sometimes I day dream of getting a job, any job, instead of staying home mom it does not matter if I was a bookmaker. Hell, if I had time I would love it! I am so sick of feeling like and being accused of being a beach bum, because I chose to be a stay at home mom, instead of going back to school to finish my degree.
    Oh well, that was not the right path for me anyway, a bologna major that would have left me miserable.
    In fact, it was the best thing for me to take the time off to enjoy time with my first son and then with the second, came the depression. A depression that kept me from being able to connect to anyone or anything.
    I stopped taking the birth control, the doctors insisted were the best option for me and suddenly, it was if a magician waved her magic wand screaming, “Begone, you evil demon, begone!” Just like one of the banditos in the Wild West movies, I chased the depression out of town, and the clouds rolled away, only to show sunshine.
    I may complain, and say that I want something else, but I am truly blessed,and happy that I do get to stay with my bouncing baby boys. That I get to love them, hold them, and watch them as they grow.
    They are my life, they are my world, and they do brighten my day. I really would not trade this precious time for anything.
    Hey, did you know that babbling brooks, are beautiful this bright and beautiful day. We should go sit on the bay and watch.
    Boy, see what happens when I work on my homework all weekend, I go bonkers, batty, absolutely insane!
    Since I now find myself bouncing all over the place, like a blabbering, belligerent boob. I am off to listen to some Bo Diddly :P.
    I suppose I will share with you, so grab yourself a beer, sit back and tell me, “Who do you love?!

    • Amazingly sharp and very witty – it made me smile whilst reading it.
      What was this particular challenge called? Was it set by Pastor Mike?
      The one thing I enjoyed above all else was the picture challenges that came round every now and then. If you scroll right down to the very beginning of this group, there is a picture challenge if you like the idea of constructing a story from an image.

      • Yes it was Pastor Mike, and in one on my flash drive says his name lol. He called these word challenges Word salads, and yes he I did respond to the picture ones. I do like the picture and will have to write one soon, I love word salads and wish I remembered the rest of the letters we earned when we wrote them in the right order!
        I miss him and i remember when we lost him.
        I will work on sharing the scribbles bit by bit. I loved the one where we played on someone else’s work and I enhanced our fellow scribblers piece.

        • Oh yes! You mean when one person starts a story and two or more people add different chapters and completely diverts it off somewhere else? I forgot about those. That would be fun if only we had one or two more budding writers.

          • That is fun, but that is not the exercise I am thinking of.

            • Can you offer a more elaborate explanation as to how the word salads worked? I can remember them in part, but am blurry on the details. Were they similar to the word challenges that I am setting?

              • Yes they were, he would give you words, and tell you to make a story. if you look at the two holy b’s batman and this one, you will see the b words are the same.
                You can either put them anywhere through the story, or you can do it in order, which is where you get the WTG award. There is one where I used all of the words and then did it backwards, I think that is the other one I shared on here.
                He sort of had a story of why he chose the words, back when I was catching rides I saw some crazy things, or I felt like this, so these words came to mind, now I challenge you to make a story!