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  • Amanda Grandits posted an update in the group Group logo of Writer’s LoungeWriter’s Lounge 2 years, 7 months ago

    Living my life often feels as though I am always looking through a kaleidoscope. With each turn of the hand, different shades and colors. One day I woke up and everything was dark and I could not function. I fought, kicking and screaming like a kangaroo until I was able to find a way back. Suddenly all of the colors came flashing back through the kaleidoscope.
    God must have been shaping, and painting, and that is why I couldn’t function, but suddenly I came out of the kiln a beautiful rose. But I didn’t see my beauty, my value, I still thought that so many other people were kingly and let them rule over me. Which meant that I would kneel down to them, and not be myself.
    It took so long for me to knock those who wanted to oppress me down off their pedestals and claim my power, to show them that I am a queen, just like all women are. I have climbed that knoll, and I won’t look back. They will not knot my soul anymore, and keep me down.
    I will live my life and I may even go visit the kraken someday, convincing that beautiful creature to let me take a picture, so that I can forever hold that memory. Then I will take my great friends to all kremlins I can find to explore just to take in that exquisiteness.

    • Well. . .apart from being an enjoyable read – describing one who has blossomed and found their own power-base, I remain unsure if I remember or know you. Remembering usernames are tricky and I struggle with all the names that I know to label you with one of them. So by way of not making myself look silly and, not wishing to overtax my tired old brain, I will let you reveal in your own time the answer to all those cryptic clues.

      I have one curiosity with your use of the word KREMLIN. In my mind I was referring to the building in Russia – the seat of Soviet government. You used plural, so I wonder what your thinking was?

    • Jules, I was Proudmomma8. That is what I meant, but I was reading the definition and it set buildings. I had many different thoughts on my mind and had a lot of energy as I wrote so I may have wrote it like that even if I did know that it was one building but hey. for my first blog in years, it was pretty okay.
      Thank you.

      • Ah! Believe it or not that name was in my top three. I do remember that username so I must remember you.

        Oh. . .and no problem with the Kremlin thingy, I have a habit of trying to probe people’s minds in the hope I can understand their inner musings. Your first blog/story in years?! It read ok to me, I look forward to reading more, and hope you will continue to contribute to the group.