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  • The week is about to end. Another day marked off my dwindling life.. I am getting very miserly with my time these days and I don’t like wasting any of it. I like it even less when someone else wastes it for me. […]

    • No surprises for me today. Just another normal 24 hours in lockdown. . .if you could call that normal?

    • My surprise…..a second sewing machine delivery.

      I wanted to make mask so maybe a month ago I ordered a simple basic sewing machine. I had given mine away years ago. I didn’t want anything too big or too fancy because I was just going to make face mask. But when the machine arrived it was having issues sewing over the elastic band part. I had to keep rethreading and thought….I could have hand sewn this faster. So I packed it up and was going to send it back when they contacted me and said they would refund me but they did’nt want the machine back. I could throw it away or donate it. So I ordered another machine.I wasn’t going to …figured so many people were making mask that I would just order some. But I had already ordered all the supplies for the mask that I better just make them. Plus…it was a project that would occupy some of my “lockdown” time. The second machine arrived a few days ago. It’s a Singer…a little bigger and it works like a charm. Mind you…sewing machines are sold out everywhere so I felt lucky to find it.
      Well….I look out on my porch and there is a box. It’s a second Singer sewing machine.
      I checked my order email and it was just one machine I ordered. I checked my account and no second charge. I tried calling a few times….I don’t know why I bothered because I tried calling a few weeks ago for a curbside pick up and no one answered I tried calling for 3 days and no one answered. I even drove there and the line was around the building. SO I did’nt get my order and they emailed me to let me know they were putting my order back and I would’nt be charged. So if they did’nt answer then…why would they answer now. I tried the 800 number…..nothing. So I sent them an email and will wait for a response.
      So now I have 3 sewing machines.
      Yeah….not a fun exciting surprise….but a surprise.

    • oh this is good.. you could start a small cottage industry and hire a couple of employees and then you would be eligible for PPP monies..

    • I’ve heard others stories about online orders that had to be sent back and the customer was told to keep the product and they wouldn’t be charged … but I must say, three sewing machine delivered to the same address is a bit much. 🙂 All-in All, that was quite a surprise. I think it is important to look each day for a nice surprise … to expect one, in fact … it doesn’t have to be anything spectacular … just something that will give us reason to smile and take notice. As a society of people, I feel most of us take our daily dose of surprises for granted … and sadly to say, we do not deem the little ones as ‘a surprise’ at all. So far today, I have been surprised by a $85.00 discount in my auto insurance, discovered that my account was still open ( haven’t used it in quite some time 🙂 and I was also surprised when I found pictures of old classmates in my Inbox that I hadn’t checked in over a month or so. 🙂 … Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! 🙂

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  • good morning thoughts,com.. it’s a lovely rainy morning here on the coast.. I can’t tell you how good it is to have a palace to go again.. it feels like home.. I do know it is going to be different but I haven’t […]

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  • it has been an interesting day.. I want to thank Jules for helping me find my way around.. I think I can work with this.. we’ll see..

    I sent requests to those I could find.. if you changed your name let me […]

    • You’ll do ok. Basic posting is very simple, as soon as you click on *New* it takes you straight to a block with a Title and text field. And fundamentally, that’s all it is. . .blocks, blocks, blocks.

      If you post videos. . .yes, there’s a block for that, too. But if you rarely do that and only post text you’ll have no trouble at all and find it a breeze. For future problems, if you encounter any, either myself or the mods will be able to help you sort them out.

    • thank you so much for all of your help.. I do sometimes post visuals but I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.. we’ll see..

  • imagine my surprise when I opened that email account because there was some new activity.. some one by the name of toyray was requesting friendship on a site called thoughts’com.. how could this be.. I spent days […]

    • where do I find the pending friends requests

      • Top right. Look for “Howdy olla” and hover your mouse curser over it. The drop down list will have a highlighted option in blue, There will also be a sub menu where the ‘friends request’ is. click on it and that should take you the appropriate page.

    • I’m fairly sure that everyone on the ‘Thinkr’ site was more than surprised when it went off-line, (I was) and even more surprised when the next day ‘’ went live once again where Thinkr used to live. I can imagine that as the word gets round more and more old ‘thoughtsters’ will return to the fold.

      As for privacy settings, I don’t think there is one. I have never seen any option to keep one’s post private or public. So until that option is an option, I wouldn’t post anything that you don’t want the world to see. I don’t know if any plans exist to introduce a privacy feature, that’s something for Ben to enlighten us all on.

      So welcome back to Thoughts. . . the next generation.

      ps: I actually remember you from thoughts back in the day.

      • thank you so much for your help.. I think I am finally starting to get started.. it’s been awhile so we’ll see where it leads..

    • I take the privacy thing back. There are 3 options on the editing page.

      1. Public. Visible to everyone.
      2. Private. Only visible to site admins and editors.
      3. Password Protected. Protected with a password you choose. Only those with the password can view this post.

      These options can be found at the right of the editing screen under ‘visibility.’

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    Well, the main thing is, you seem to be mostly over this bout. And that’s a good thing. I can’t really think of any movies I want to see right now…I know. I’m just kinda boring.

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    Sorry to hear about your vertigo. A co-worker has it so I understand what your going through to a degree. What I can’t understand is TV. I gave up on it except for some college football (Go Clemson!). Hope you get […]

  • Science still hasn’t identified what all the areas of the brain do. They know much, but if their honest they’ll admit there’s much they don’t know.

    I’m sorry for what you went through losing your dad.

  • Sadly the criminal elements won’t go quietly into the night.

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    A beautiful view to come home to!

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    Deep, moving and a voice that speaks for all I’m afraid. Life is hope challenged that way. As much so as by distance and time ~ xo

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    Not all change is good. And I think the last couple fell prey to the law of unintended consequences.

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    To be honest, I think went one or two incarnations to far…

  • And yours ~ x

  • Deep dreams, L., and deep truths. Those of hearts and souls always are if we can find a way to craft them into words. ~ x

  • To allow the dedicated to detach. To ease us out rather than just slam the door. That’s my feeling.

  • That’s all true. But a basic WordPress site with a forum plug in is in my opinion best for weblogs, web-zines or groups dedicated to a core concept, not a diverse group with diverse interests.

  • I know the other two mods can contact Ben but over the past year almost all requests have been ignored. Can’t even get rid of spam on the forums.

    This sites set up is design for a weblog or web-zine run by a […]

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