• Noah Body posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    I can’t figure out how to create a blog much less a post. This site is definitely not as easy to navigate as Thoughts.

    • Just go up to the W icon next is the Thinkr and a bit next is the + followed by New, press upon New and there you will have the option of Post Media, so if you want to create a Post, press upon New Post…and there you have it.

      • Thanks. I finally figured out how to make a new post. My question is can you have multiple blogs like you can in Thoughts? I like to keep my subjects separate in separate blogs. Thanks for your help.

        • Every post is considered as a new Blog, If you also use tags on them it might be like categorizing them I guess. But this place has something unique. The forums.

          • Thanks

            • came by to say hello. nothing to do with the blog above me. you came to visit, said, everybody has a story to tell. if we have the time to listen. sounds familiar. and has me thinking, even with all your struggles, you attend and are aware. this impresses me. have a good day. just saying