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  • Mypen posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    Have you experienced discovering the most painful truth?
    Do you still remember your reaction? How about the pain that it caused you? Are you now in the stage of moving on? Or have you moved on? How many days, months, or years that you completely forget and forgive? Hmmmppp… Why do people love to keep something? Why do they cheat? Why don’t they tell you the truth? Yeah, I know, knowing the truth is either will let you feel happy or bad. But, would you rather be happy living with lies? Oh! Hell no! Of course not! Take note man, if you think lies make you feel comfort try to think of it million times. Try to analyze who’ll suffer with your lies and what would be the impact of your lies to the people surround you. Yes, lies give you a total happiness, maybe. But, you know the truth is? It is when one day you’d find yourself being alone, left by people who truly love you, and the worst is, no one would dare to trust you again. Well, it’ll surely make your life miserable, chaotic and unrealistic forever. Gaining one’s trust is not as easy as throwing up a hot food, take note. But, it rather lets you spend for more years. Therefore, lies make your life messy and problematic. So, don’t you dare to do that to the people who you love and loved you.