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  • Mypen posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    We Heal Us One
    ´╗┐Amidst this pandemic which is affecting the entire world, we, human beings must fight it hand and hand. However, in some parts of the world people are keep on blaming their government for being so slow in addressing the dilemma. The countrymen are echoing to let their leaders go down from their position. There are people who never obey the government’s protocols like “Social Distancing”. In some news, it can be seen that there are individuals who are still going outside to meet their friends, hugging and kissing their lovers, and the worst case is they refuse to wear masks because it is out of fashion.

    In the Social Media, front liners become the headlines, they are our new, modern heroes. Yes, they don’t wear capes and other extravagant costumes, but they give their lives to help those people who are in need such as the infected ones, they are our doctors, nurses, home of the aged workers and the rest of the medical personnels.

    Some heroic characters are wearing dark green – fatigue fitted suits, they are our soldiers, policemen, or strong volunteer people in their city, these people give their lives to guard our streets to maintain peace and order, check villagers from going in and out of a specific place.

    Some heroes are riding vehicles, they are our delivery men, they send us our goods, home necessities and even our cravings, and yet, in some social media, videos uploaded showing that our riders are treated badly from people who are heartless and call them STUPID, IGNORANT, and other inhumane names, just because the riders weren’t able to see the notice posted on the gate and/or in some case, a person orders lots of food but when the rider is in the location, the caller is cannot be reached. How pathetic! It’s a scam call! Who pays? Of course the poor riders who drive under the blazing heat of the sun, wearing thick clothes, gloves, and close-faced helmet and that give them a fire burning feeling. These riders are not rich. They have family to feed up, so they have to work on this delicate times. In short, they have no choice and there are people who are abusing them. These scenarios are really happening! The virus is freaking us out, but humans more do.

    Since 2020 kicks our calendar, it brings great challenges and has been so tough to all of us, all we need to do is to share love, spread care and show respect to one another. THE VIRUS IS OUR ENEMY, NOT ONE ANOTHER. WE MUST HEAL AS ONE! ONE WORLD! ONE PEOPLE! ONE GOD!
    ´╗┐An opinion from an ordinary person. I believe we are all entitled from our own opinion.

    • The pandemic [dem panic] is mostly a hoax and more like a PLANDEMIC by the Deep State and China Inc.

    • Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. They also not entitled to disregard social distancing and mask wearing procedures which is responsible for the fact that MORE people aren’t dead and then go about their business selfishly risk infecting other people. Yet, there are people still insisting on ReOpening everything despite the danger. They are thinking of their own desire to do whatever they want with no regard to what they are very likely doing to those who have to come in contact with them innocently.

      Of course, no way should a delivery person be abused while trying to help those of us who are wisely, and luckily able to stay in and not endanger ourselves or others. Sadly, there is so much misinformation and contradictory information, with every those in authority saying things that are not provable or even supported by what research has been done. Nobody wants a so called “cure” that might end up being almost as deathly, or even more so than the virus itself. That confusion causes frustration, which then causes we normal everyday people to get snippy and turn on each other.

      I have heard the idea that “hardship brings us together” but in fact, it just as often turns us against each other because we all have different ideas about how to deal with the hardship and others do things that we consider dangerous and therefore threatening to our own lives.

      All the people that are going to huge public events anger me, because one of those people might then bump into me at the grocery store and give me the virus that they picked with what i consider their careless behavior,

      • The fact is that this PLANDEMIC was a planned bio-attack by China Inc.
        The good thing is that there is a CQ/HCQ cure now.

        • What about let’s stop blaming dude. The situation is here. The only thing that we must do is to follow precautionary measures from the experts. You know what, even Chinese people they don’t want this plague. They never wish that one of their family members die. They aren’t happy about this. They are struggling too. All of us are suffering. So let us top sharing hatred. We must understand each other. There’s no proof yet that this deadly virus is originated from China. You see, people around the world are not searching where does this pandemic comes from, however they spend all their time to seek medicine.

          • Exactly what I have said for some time. It doesn’t matter where the disease came from, it exists and it is here (wherever here might be for each individual). I live in one of the hotspots that is just now getting a bit more under-control. At one time we were the 3rd highest infection rate for the United States, and therefore the World (since the United States has more cases than anywhere) when population was taken into account.

            Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen. There is always a theory floating around, when in fact none of it is, will be, or even can be proven. It is simply a pandemic…and it is most important to focus on finding answers to the real questions that need to be answered. The top one in my book is does getting Covid-19 once prevent future infestations or is it like some of the flus and other conoravirus strains that can be caught over and over again…every year, or some cases even more frequent.

            After a vaccine, THAT is the real question that needs to be answered, but only time will do that.

          • Yes, there is prove that the Kung Flu came from China and the medicine is already here even Trump is taking it.

      • Well said fella! I like how you think. I come to realize lots of things from you.