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  • Mypen posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    I am baptized with a beautiful name. I am sure my name is not IDIOT. But, why are people call me such? Do I look like that? Does it fit my face? Well, some people call me IDIOT when they are angry, when they want to insult me, when they want to use it as a joke and when they think I am stupid of not knowing such certain thing. Is it wrong to say I DON’T KNOW which literally I don’t know and beyond my intelligence?
    These people don’t know how it brings to me to be called that name. I finished my degree with all my hard works and it is easy for them to utter that to me. That word makes me think everyday that I am really like that and leads me to lack of self-confidence and less motivated. It slowly loses a part of being me. Hearing it is so annoying, stressful and depressing.