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  • Mypen posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    Is being fat a crime?
    Is having this kind of body makes a person less?
    Is this big body doesn’t make you a person?
    Why do people keep on telling you that you are fat? Obviously, you have mirror at home you can see yourself.
    Why do they keep on saying you make a space smaller? Well, have you blocked their way? Indeed, never did it happen.
    Why are they keep on interrupting your food intake? Hmmppp… Have you asked them food for you to eat? Not even once you begged.
    Why do they only see you whenever you eat and stop you right after 3-5 spoon served? Take note, they would say “HEY YOU EAT TOO MUCH!” Then, grab the food away from you.
    Why do they notice you easily if you eat a snack? Here, they would say “ARE YOU STILL HUNGRY?” -Wow! Aren’t they thinking you are also a human that feels hunger?
    The reality of life is always been so unfair.