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  • Mypen posted an update in the group Group logo of Poetry GroupPoetry Group 5 years, 7 months ago

    One Last Tear
    I thought it was just a crazy game,
    Until one day this strange feeling came.
    I never expect this feeling would last.
    How come this emotion seems so fast?

    I tried to escape this feeling from you,
    Even though it is the painful thing to do.
    But I can’t do it and don’t know why.
    Why my heart is in you to rely?

    News came that you love someone new
    Yes! I am hurt. I admitted. I do!
    I won’t let myself fall from you again,
    Because loving you caused me so much pain.

    Suddenly a cool liquid on my eyes’ fall,
    I didn’t notice until I hear a call.
    I wiped it try to forget my blue,
    This is my one last tear for you.