• Thinking of you
    Love is radiant, filled with serenity
    Although it is cynical and difficult
    I see nothing but resplendence
    Love is someone worth being loved
    Through every single obstacle
    Through every single […]

  • Always in the dark
    I feel alone
    just like an empty soul
    I can’t sleep
    I can’t eat

    My thoughts are keeping me awake
    my heart is the one that aches
    I can feel the pain
    I can feel myself going insane

    I’m […]

  • A sad day,
    Today’s sunny day,
    turned into a day of pain
    a day of tears,
    remembering the past years

    I try to be happy,
    I really do
    somehow something is always in the way
    something always brings back the […]

  • How much longer?
    On a cloudy day with some rain
    there will be sorrow, there will be pain
    when you feel you’ve gone too low
    always know there’s a light below

    Always believe the pain will end
    even if it […]

  • Alone
    I stood there watching everyone
    laughing, talking, having a great time
    while I felt like I didn’t belong ,
    as if I was a lost girl
    that would never find her way . .

    I remembered when it was me
    me, […]

  • Black truck
    Every time I saw him
    my heart would beat fast
    I wanted to talk to him
    but the words never came out

    I stared at him,
    every morning he left to work,
    every evening he came home
    He was the […]

  • The same moon
    Everyday that passes by
    I think of you and you might think of me
    All I wonder is where you could be
    I hope that someday I’ll see you..
    I just wish I was near you
    Through thick and thin, we […]

  • As a kid I always found comfort in writing. Writing has always been a special and unique therapy for me. Writing is something that I can either share or keep all to myself and that is completely up to me, and I’ve […]

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  • You are so right. That is why I rather be who I am because maybe one day I can help change the world for the better.

  • Yesterday was my first day back to work and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was a good day, thank God. I was able to put my anxiety to the side and I was able to be calm and confident. Life isn’t […]

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    you’re right. Thanks for your comment.

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    After a month of not working, today I finally go back to work. I’m nervous and I feel this knot in my stomach because I don’t know if I will be good enough or not. It’s been a while and I’m sure I’m going to have […]

  • I hate myself for being so caring. I hate how a person can hurt me beyond repair and somehow I could never hurt them back. I could never stay mad at anyone. I have a big heart and a lot of times I wish I didn’t. I […]

  • I am upset about this as well. I had a lot of memories and thoughts was a place where I could vent and I was confident with the things I wrote and It felt nice to write and I’m thankful for thinkr.. but it’s not […]

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    Today dad texted me. I’m happy to know that he’s OK, but I’m hurt. It’s been days and he hasn’t called or texted up until now. I was so sick and so afraid and he wasn’t there. I want to answer his text but at the […]

  • Although I’m not in a good place, I still have dreams. I have so many goals and so many things that I want to do. Depression holds me back a lot, and so does anxiety. One day I’m up and another day I’m down. Some […]

  • Life isn’t easy. I don’t think life would be life without problems. At this point in my life I expect everything to be perfect and I know it shouldn’t be that way. I expect to have it all together and I’m only 19. […]

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    Thank you so much,

  • marie commented on the post, Melancholy 2 years, 9 months ago

    Thank you for your mesmerizing and caring words, appreciate it!

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