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Michael A. Muehleisen

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    Man’s view of God really hasn’t changed much in the last 4,000 years. Even today, most people’s conception of God resembles Michelangelo’s famous depiction on the ceiling of the Sistine […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    How neat would it be if we could change the world by everyone learning to follow two simple rules? That’s right; if we could learn two simple rules, and teach them to our children, we […]

  • Hi Ezwayz! This is not designed for taste. If taste is important to you, add some natural honey.

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    Many people today are looking for ways to improve their overall health without the use of prescription drugs. Most prescription drugs have many side effects that may cause more problems […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    A lot of bad people, have been doing a lot of bad things for a lot of years.

    How do you get away with this for so many years?

    You make sure the heads of Law enforcement, DOJ, FBI, […]

  • Mike’s Common SenseMany people these days are struggling with depression in one form or another. This depression is often compounded in the winter time when there is less sunshine. Many people seek relief using […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    I am troubled by the hostility I encounter every day. It does not bother me that people are vehement about their beliefs, but rather the way they communicate them to others. The […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    I grew up with two brothers. One was older than me, the other younger. We were all separated by one year intervals, so we grew up fairly close in age. This, of course, meant that we […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    Christmas comes early each year to our normally quiet community here in Homestead, Florida. Santa’s come by the droves, not in sleighs, but in RVs, and campers, and pick-up trucks.

    They […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    This world is a very complex place. In spite of this complexity, there is one thing that everything has in common; everything has an opposite.

    This is a world of duality. This means that […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    We are beings of light. Each one of us is the prodigal child of God sent into the spiritual-material worlds for schooling. Many of us have been going to this school for 100,000 years or […]

  • Hi Monica! I avoided computer science like the plague when I was in college. Back in my day it consisted of typing out 500-1000 cards without a mistake to make a simple program run. I wanted nothing to do with that.

  • Hi Smitty! Lol! Like I said, it’s good having teens around.

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    Up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane…No! Its your friendly neighborhood teenager!

    Modern day superheroes don’t wear tights and a cape, and they don’t have a mask. They can’t fly, and […]

  • Hi Smitty! I don’t watch movies anymore, especially scary ones. Right now real life is scary enough.

  • Republished for the Halloween Spirit in us all.

    Mike’s Common SenseI am a child of the sixties. When I was growing up we had lots of creepy monster movies to watch. They were all in black and white, and they […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    I love American football. I also love Australian rules football, but that’s another subject. Today I want to tell you why I love football(American style).

    I played when I was younger,and […]

  • Hi Smitty45! Amen brother!

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    There are people who love Pres. Donald Trump. There are people who hate Pres. Trump. Then there are those folks who don’t really know what to think. This short article is for them.

    If […]

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    “The Media is one big keyboard for the government to play with.” Joseph Goebbels. If you are not aware please search “Operation Mockingbird”.

    Our Media is totally controlled by Deep […]

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