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  • Politics is a touchy subject, I get it. But I think we’re collectively capable of holding valuable debates and discussions, hopefully gaining a better more complete perspective in the process. So… I’ll go first. I did not vote in the 2016 election. I didn’t have a preference so I stayed on the side lines. I think I will vote for the next election.…[Read more]

  • I think the question says it all. If you have a candidate that your passionate about or would like to see win the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States please answer with who you’re going to vote for and why you’re voting for that candidate.

  • What are your thoughts of the widespread adoption in the United States of America of legalized recreational marijuana where it can be bought and sold over the counter without prescription. For those states that don’t offer legal rec marijuana many states do offer licensed patients legal Medical Marijuana that is prescribed by a doctor in several…[Read more]

  • The layout was broken earlier. I’ve fixed it now. It should look better and have a more intuitive UI now. Thoughts.com is fully mobile optimitzed, using AMP pages. Download the thoughts.com progressive web app for WordPress sites being released in the coming days.

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    Working, then sleeping, watching Netflix and back to Working again. I’ve actually gotten myself sick several times from working too many days without sleep. Its an obsession when I get in the zone. Crazy thinking I’ve been doing it for 20 years now!

  • Hello Thoughts.com. I’ve added a WordPress plugin to allow for Questions and Answers on Thoughts.com. Check out the Q&A on thoughts at https://thoughts.com/answers/

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  • History by Jay Z is such a brilliant masterpiece I absolutely love this song. Its definitely one my all time favorites.

    You have to listen to his lyrics, message and meaning very carefully.

    He’s skilled & […]

    • Ok….so I listened twice and still had problems hearing exactly what he was saying. I looked up the lyrics and couldn’t find them on the sites I looked. I am going to have to listen again louder and when I am more awake because I love a good “champion” song.
      What I got …and I know its probably way off is that because of his success he was able to get the perfect wife and bring children into this world and is living the dream. I know there must be more to that so I will have to revisit this once I hear it a few more times in the sunshine.

      Never figured you for a Jay z type of guy 😉

    • Thanks for sharing a song that peaks to you. It’s good to know what motivates people.

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  • Each day that passes with being shut in from the crisis I get more work done, but I’m kind of spreading myself too thin and trying to build to many of my ideas.

    There’s not shortage of thoughts, that’s for […]

    • Holy moly, Ben. Sounds like you’re in overdrive!

    • yes indeed!

    • I don’t know what it is but I too have been keeping busy during this Stay at Home order….and I thought I would be online more because of it. But I am not spreading myself too thin. I have a white board I am keeping my list of projects on. And when an idea may pop up about project #3 while I am working on project #1…I just write a note under it so I don’t cheat the project I am working on. And I am not rushing my projects either…..though I know I could finish them quickly.
      You better take breaks between your projects Ben. Clear minds do wonders. Maybe a yoga session between each 😉

    • My job is “essential” so I don’t get to stay home (unless there’s a covid 19 incident) so no extra down time for me. Glad your making the post of yours. A couple of those sites look like they have potential, are you making any head way with them?

  • Hello everyone again! I’m working on thoughts.com right now making a bunch of changes. So nows is a good time to bring in forums if that’s whats best for thoughts… What do you all think?

    Other alternatives […]

    • From my perspective forums and groups are fine by me. Having both is a bonus. If I had to choose one, I would choose group.

    • FORUMS! FoRuMs! forums!……..Yay! 😀

      I already gave you my spiel on this matter but maybe we could try all 3? Like I mentioned to you already that in order for a Forum to work you need people and right now though they are trickling in …it may be a bit before we have a good amount.

      Maybe you could add a test section with the forums and not include them in the Thoughts feed page like you are doing with groups. Put them in a hidden corner somewhere? 😀

      We could work on a list of “sections” for the forums so they are not all mashed together.
      Just tossing ideas out….

      I do remember Old OLD Thoughts did have all 3….Blogs/forums/groups. And out of the 3 “Groups” were the least utilized from my perspective. Mind you…I didnt have access to stats to prove that point. But the newest old version of Thoughts did NOT have forums which was a sad day for us Forum peeps. But I get…you need to do what’s best for the place.

    • I, for one, am a forum rat. Blogs AND forums make an excellent combination in my opinion. Groups(ings) make for much confusion when searching for that one place to post a great thought/comment that you want to be seen by everyone. JMO.

    • Prefer forums but if both is an option that would be fine by me.

    • Being a layperson ? and being elsewhere on a
      “Forum Site ” as a member/moderator
      The Old Thoughts forums. were welcoming…

      And not being a blogger.– I have missed the old forum
      that I was invited to check out in September –2009.
      when I became a member.
      As it was soon to go through some growing pains < LOL.
      And after it changed – I had been invited to other
      forum sites –that former thoughts members were forming…..
      Well I really missed the old thoughts
      forum of “2009“ With the ease in navigation
      and for me— the sense of order
      in finding topics and members..
      Here on the New- Thoughts…….
      I am Lost ! —————-*

      Very Happy to see Your return Ben
      The Old Thoughts forum –and it's members
      sure touched my life with Kindness and Love-
      —- The Best !……

  • Hello everyone!

    I’m updating the thoughts.com website design right now LIVE so if it looks a little crazy that’s why.

    I’m the only developer in the world who makes lives updates LOL 🙂

    Oh well, It’ll […]

  • Traveling around the interdimensional multiverse can be tricky on the human mind.

    But it also leaves the mind with thoughts/recalls of other dimensions where reality is very different than the perceived […]

    • To be able to survive the transition from the event horizon of a black hole to what awaits at the other side is one biggest questions science has ever asked. It is beyond this point that all current scientific knowledge stops dead and we enter the realm of the theoretical! And theoretically, anyone attempting this feat would be spaghettified and never make the journey alive, but what if we could? Would we find that a black hole is a gate-way guarded by super dense gravitational forces that with the right scientific knowledge would allow passage through it?

      Emerging from the other side would we leave behind the physical laws that govern our known universe and discover a whole new set completely alien to us? Or would we emerge into a tangent universe from the black hole which we find is a cosmic open sore, a permanent tear in the fabric of space?

      In the worlds of the multiverse where any and every aspect of our lives are played out, all possibilities exist and we should never ever attempt to quash or poke fun at anyone’s imagination or version of what the universe really is, because somewhere, there is a version of you who knows.

      Great post, Ben.

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