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  • M Taylor posted an update 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    “Disruptive Thinking” by T.D. Jakes is a good read for changing the way you think instead of settling for the status quo. Around 250 pages, some of the topics covered include:

    – Observing your surroundings and notice what is going on around you.

    – We can serve anyone, regardless of what you may think of them or your differences.

    – You cannot be an effective leader unless you are a good servant. Indeed, the Bible says a WHOLE lot more about serving instead of leading. Hopefully those in the church, business, and political worlds will better grasp this!

    – Things you need to set aside in order to serve others.

    – Discerning when to be patient with others and when you perhaps need to cut ties or reduce the amount of time and energy spent on someone. Good point – we can be so obsessed with someone that we miss more fruitful opportunities with more responsive people.

    – Don’t let the world define who you are.

    – Appreciate people for who they are instead of just what they can do for you.

    – While changing the way we think can be disruptive to ourselves and others, we also need stability.

    What I like about the book:

    – Not just full of pious platitudes or empty motivational phrases – also includes practical suggestions.

    – More to the point as compared to another T.D. Jakes title I recently read. He “lands the plane” more quickly in this book.

    – Good flow between chapters.

    – Good notes section for reference.

    – Easy to read and understand – for a broad audience.

    Whatever you may think of Jakes or his theology, “Disruptive Thinking” is a good read and recommended.

    I was given a review copy by Faith Words in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.