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  • M Taylor posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    “God Alone” by Jonathan Griffiths is a great read on God’s unique attributes and why knowing them can change our life. Around 150 pages, the book goes into great detail on God’s attributes and addresses many topics, including:

    – Having an eternal perspective helps us live wisely (not get so hung up on this world!).

    – The importance of confidence in God and His word.

    – A big view of God not only results in correct theology, but a provides secure rest and trust in Him.

    – Evaluating the messages of the world through the lense of God’s word.

    – God is independent and needs no one.

    The book is a great title: easy to read and understand, thought-provoking, challenges the reader to have a high view of God, and encourages the reader to seek comfort in God instead of the things of this world. Recommended.

    I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportuntiy.