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  • M Taylor posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    In a world where the church is becoming more ethnically diverse, “Churches, Cultures, & Leadership” is a great and timely read. Around 270 pages, the book addresses many topics on the subject, including:

    – The relationship between theology, society, and ethnicity (Jesus was able to do it and so should we in the power of the Holy Spirit).

    – Different ways people interact in various cultures.

    – How different cultural worldviews are present in and influence the church.

    – Suggestions for how people in the church need to acknowledge and deal with the challenges in a more ethnically diverse church.

    – The need for the local church to understand and operate in the culture without compromising biblical integrity.

    – 5 principles for reflecting theologically on the culture surrounding a particular church.

    – Relationship between collectivism and the individual in various cultures.

    – Communication dynamics in various cultures.

    – Responsibilities facing church leaders.

    After reading the book, here’s what I liked:

    – Excellent end of chapter summary of the main points covered.

    – Comprehensive bibliography and footnotes for further study.

    – Many helpful tables and charts.

    – While an academic read, the book is relatively easy to read and understand.

    – Authors are very knowledgeable about the topics covered.

    – Smooth flow from chapter to chapter (not a choppy read that bounces back and forth).

    – Addresses a very important topic in today’s church.

    – Very well organized.

    Very helpful resource for anyone interested in a more effective church in the culture the reader may be in. Recommended. I was given a review copy by IVP in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.